Rap Artist for NY Governer

Hip Hop has the power to make BIG changes.

Jineea Butler, founder of the Hip Hop Union created a political party for urban communities. “The New American Party,” is centered toward dealing with issues that often go ignored by the Democratic and Republican parties.

As hip hop being the number one genre in the world, its only GENIUS if we get the OG’s from the golden era to lead us into a new power of politics. The music naturally brings people together so if we had legends like LL Cool J or Busta Rhymes in office, that would be a true LEVEL UP in the hip hop culture.

Jineea Butler reached out to Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J because she’s looking for candidates who can connect with millennial voters. Reported on the Daily News, she reached out to both rappers and Busta Rhymes hasn’t fully committed while she didn’t hear back from LL.


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